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Banadir police arrest 40 in Mogadishu for immorality and public incitement

Friday May 31, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) — The Somali Police Force has arrested more than 40 men and women in Mogadishu for spreading immoral behaviour, tribalism, public incitement, and insults, according to a statement from the Banadir Regional Police Command.

For the second consecutive week, the police have conducted operations targeting individuals engaging in immoral activities and incitement on social media in and around the capital.

"The reason we are focusing on the fight against immorality is our belief that building social order is a fundamental responsibility of the government," the Banadir Regional Police Command stated. They emphasized the importance of government involvement in maintaining social order.

The police command also called on Somali parents to monitor their children closely to prevent them from engaging in immoral activities. "Somali parents have a significant responsibility for their children and should be held accountable. They must cooperate with the Police Force to prevent such acts," the statement added.

The ongoing operations reflect the Somali government's broader efforts to combat social issues and maintain public order in the region.


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