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Former Presidents Farmajo, Sharif call on Parliament to reject amended Constitution

Saturday March 30, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) — Former Somali Presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of ignoring their calls to stop amending and reviewing the country's Constitution.

In separate statements released on Friday night, Farmajo and Sharif emphasized that if the Parliament approves the amended proposal, it would signify a dangerous path threatening the legitimacy and existence of the Somali government, urging them to reconsider.

Additionally, the former presidents accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of harbouring ambitions to seize control of both houses of Parliament, which would hinder government accountability.

The bicameral federal Parliament is scheduled to vote on the country's amended provisional Constitution in a joint session on Saturday in Mogadishu.

The amendments proposed by the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission could either become the country's new success story or mark a regression.


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