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President Mohamud meets female MPs to discuss constitution finalization, military operation

Monday February 12, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with female members of the People's Assembly and the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia in Mogadishu on Sunday to discuss the government's plan to finalize the governance process, the Constitution, and the country's liberation.

President Mohamud emphasized the pivotal role of women MPs in safeguarding Somalia's heritage, independence, and national unity. He stressed that ongoing discussions on the completion of the Constitution should address the priority issues for Somali women in alignment with Islamic Sharia law and Somali culture.

"Somali women are leaders who inspire us to defend and liberate our country. They have exerted great efforts to rescue the nation from past challenges. The completion of the Constitution brings increased greatness, honor, and dignity to all those involved," he stated.

President Hassan Sheikh highlighted the challenges facing the Somali government and the resilience demonstrated by the Somali people. He urged female members of both Houses of Parliament to unite and organize themselves to achieve their objectives.

Despite objections from Puntland, former presidents, and some opposition figures citing a lack of consensus, federal government leaders have been engaged in meetings and efforts to finalize the Constitution in recent months.

However, today's lower house parliamentary session is expected to discuss agendas related to the completion of the Constitution.


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