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Akram Afif secures MVP at AFC Asian Cup: A story of Qatari pride and Somali roots

Sunday February 11, 2024

With his hat-trick of penalties in Saturday's Asian Cup final, Akram Afif inspired Qatar to a 3-1 win over Jordan and would deservingly be named the tournament's Most Valuable Player after ending the campaign with eight goals. Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Doha, Qatar (HOL) - Akram Afif's meteoric rise from a promising talent at Qatar's Aspire Academy to clinching the Most Valuable Player title at the AFC Asian Cup is a narrative of ambition, skill, and cultural synthesis. As the Golden Boot Winner of the AFC Asian Cup, Afif has brought glory to Qatar and shone a light on his Somali roots, offering a fascinating story of cultural heritage and sporting excellence.

Born in Doha, Qatar, on November 18, 1996, Afif was immersed in the world of football from his earliest days, a path seemingly charted by destiny itself. His father, Hassan Afif, a name synonymous with football excellence in Somalia, was the bedrock of this destiny. Hassan's illustrious career began on the vibrant fields of Mogadishu, where he showcased his prowess with Horseed FC, one of the country's premier clubs, and also represented the Somali national team with distinction through the 1970s.

Hassan's voyage to Qatar in the late 20th century was driven by a quest for new horizons in his football career. Settling in a land far from his own, he continued to pursue his passion for the game, eventually donning the colours of Al Ittihad (later renamed Al Gharafa), a testament to his enduring talent and adaptability. His transition to Qatar was not merely a change of clubs but a profound shift in his life's trajectory, leading to his naturalization as a Qatari citizen. His move was more than a personal milestone; it was a bridge between cultures, seamlessly blending his Somali-Yemeni heritage with Qatari aspirations.

The legacy of Hassan Afif in Qatar is not confined to his playing days. After hanging up his boots, he transitioned into a role that would further cement his impact on the sport within the region. Taking up the mantle of management, Hassan guided teams such as Al-Gharafa and Al-Markhiya, imparting his wealth of experience to the next generation of footballers. His tenure as a coach was characterized by the same passion and insight that defined his playing career, becoming a guiding light for many young talents in Qatar, including his sons Akram and Ali.

Flashback to 1973: Highlighted in red, Hassan Afif stands with his teammates of Somalia's National Football Team. A pivotal figure in Somali football history, Hassan's legacy continues through his son, Akram Afif, Qatar's AFC Asian Cup MVP and Golden Boot winner.

It was in this environment, rich in football heritage and cross-cultural influences, that Akram Afif's love for the game was nurtured. From a tender age, Akram exhibited an innate talent for football, a spark undoubtedly ignited by his father's illustrious career and stories of footballing feats. The younger Afif's journey was not just fueled by his father's legacy but was also a continuation of a familial passion for football that crossed geographical and cultural boundaries.

Afif's early years were shaped at the Aspire Academy, Qatar's premier institution for nurturing sporting talent. It was here that his skills were honed, and his potential began to be realized. His professional journey has been marked by significant milestones, including stints in Belgium with Eupen and in Spain with Villarreal before returning to Qatar to play for Al Sadd SC. However, it is with the Qatar national team that Afif has truly made his mark, playing a pivotal role in their 2019 AFC Asian Cup victory and repeating the feat in 2023.

During the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, Afif was nothing short of sensational. His performance was a key factor in Qatar's successful defence of their title. Scoring eight goals, including a memorable hat-trick of penalties in the final against Jordan, Afif not only secured the Golden Boot but also captivated fans with his skill, determination, and flair. Beyond his goals, it was Afif's leadership and ability to inspire his teammates that stood out, earning him the Most Valuable Player award.

Afif's celebration of his goals, particularly the magic trick revealing a trading card of himself, added a layer of personal charm to his professional achievements. The celebration was a tribute to his wife, who was attending her first match at the stadium.

As Qatar continues to establish itself as a burgeoning hub for football talent, Akram Afif stands as a testament to the nation's ability to nurture talent from a mosaic of backgrounds.


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