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Mysterious livestock disease strikes Hiiraan region

Thursday February 8, 2024


Beledweyne (HOL) - A new, unidentified disease is wreaking havoc on livestock in the Hiiraan region's Mahaas district, with reports of numerous deaths among cattle in recent days. Governor Muumin Mohamed Halane of Mahaas has revealed that the illness has adversely affected approximately 62 herding families, leading to substantial economic and personal losses.

"This disease, previously unknown to our region, has led to the deaths of animals under continuous distress," Governor Muumin Elaay said. He highlighted a particularly severe case where a single family lost 200 animals, a devastating blow to their livelihood.

The disease's symptoms and rapid spread have raised alarm among the local herding communities, who rely heavily on their livestock for economic stability. The exact number of animal deaths remains unclear as the disease continues to threaten the area's agricultural economy.

Concerns have also been raised about the potential for human illness, as some individuals who consumed meat from affected animals have reported sickness. Governor Elaay has urgently requested the intervention of health and agricultural agencies to investigate and address this emerging health crisis.

The situation has prompted a call to action for immediate research and support to prevent further loss of life, both animal and potentially human, in the Hiiraan region.


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