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Waddani Party chairman refutes British arrest and passport allegations

Tuesday February 6, 2024

Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, chairman of the Waddani Party, during a party event in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Photo supplied by the Waddani Party.

Hargeisa (HOL) - Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, chairman of the Waddani Party in Somaliland, has denied claims that he was interrogated about his passport and arrested in London by the British government.

Recent unconfirmed reports suggested Hirsi was detained in London for unlawfully obtaining a British passport, causing a stir on social media during his visit. Hirsi expressed disbelief at these allegations.

"I'm astonished by these unfounded claims. As the leader of Somaliland's largest party, my trip was to address some concerns. The passport in question is mine, and I was aware of their inquiries," stated Hirsi.

He also clarified that throughout his stay in England, he was never questioned by the British authorities regarding his passport, refuting rumours about its unlawful possession.

"It's been falsely circulated that I was arrested. I have never been approached or questioned about any issue, which I find perplexing. It raises questions about the motives behind these rumours, given my position," Hirsi remarked.

Allegations of Hirsi's arrest were spread by supporters of President Bihi's government on social media, claiming he had illegally obtained a British passport. 


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