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Puntland traditional elders convene in Garowe to address regional election dispute

Monday October 23, 2023

Garowe (HOL) - The conference of Puntland's traditional elders opened in Garowe on Sunday night to tackle the ongoing regional election dispute.

Opposition groups had previously called upon the elders to mediate in the political standoff with Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni.

Sultan Said Mohamed Garase, addressing the media, stated that they had united to facilitate a path forward for the Puntland regional state. He emphasized their commitment to resolving the dispute surrounding the upcoming Puntland election.

The conference in Garowe comes amid the leaders and the opposition started military activities in the city, where both opposition groups and President Deni have deployed troops. According to the residents, the situation appears to be escalating towards potential violence if a solution is not reached.

The opposition, meanwhile, has pledged to resist any attempts by President Deni to interfere with the scheduled election set for January 8, 2024.


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