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A senior Somali military commander killed in Hiiraan

Monday September 26, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali National Army’s logistics commander for the 5th battalion of the 27th division based in the Hiraan region, Colonel Barre Ceyrow, was killed in a landmine explosion in the Hiiraan region on Sunday.

The explosion targeted a military vehicle carrying the late commander and soldiers heading to the Halgan district. According to the residents, the blast occurred on the road between Halgan and Garasyaani.

The commander killed in the mine explosion supervised government forces' operations backed by an anti-Shabab local militia in retaking Boco village in the Hiiraan region.

According to security sources, the militants laid several mines on the roads between Beledweyne, Mahaas and Buulaburte.

Earlier this month, the al Shabab militants killed at least 22 civilians after they attacked a convoy carrying food to Mahas district in Hiiraan. The attack occurred on the road between the region's capital, Beledwayne, and the Mahas district.

At least 15 people, including civilians, were killed in the last landmine explosions in the Hiiraan region, where government forces and local people are conducting a joint offensive against al Shabab.

Moqokori, Tardo, and Yasoman are the most recent areas recaptured from al Shabab by the joint troops.


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