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Biden tests positive for coronavirus again after Paxlovid ‘rebound’

By Yasmeen Abutaleb
Saturday July 30, 2022

President Biden tested positive for the coronavirus again on Saturday, his physician said, after experiencing a Paxlovid “rebound.”

The president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, said Biden tested negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning. He tested positive late Saturday morning on an antigen test.

Physicians have warned that many people who receive Paxlovid can experience “rebound” infections days after initially testing negative, although data on the frequency of the condition and its long-term effects remain unclear.

O’Connor said Biden has experienced no reemergence of symptoms and “continues to feel quite well.” Biden will reinitiate strict isolation procedures at the White House, O’Connor added.

Biden emerged from his five-day covid isolation on Wednesday and delivered a speech from the Rose Garden about how his mild covid infection was a reflection of the administration’s pandemic response and the tools it had made widely available, including antivirals, at-home tests and boosters.

He conducted a series of public events this week in support of a $52 billion bill to subsidize computer chip manufacturing and research and counter China’s influence and on the economy. Biden did not hold any public events on Friday.


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