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Hirshabelle elects 3 senators to Upper House

Tuesday September 14, 2021

Jowhar (HOL) - Hirshabelle's parliament elected 3 of its federal senators in Jowhar on Tuesday in what is being hailed as the most competitive Upper House race thus far.

Muse Sudi won his re-election bid for his hotly contested seat. He won 55 votes, while his closest competitor, Ahmed Daahi, was able to garner 43 votes.

Nur Mohamed Gedi received 70 votes to defeat incumbent Senator Mohamed Osman Dhagajun to win the second senatorial race of the day. Dhagajun trailed heavily in the race and was only able to muster 27 votes.

Incumbent Fartun Abikadir Karama won the only seat that the electoral commission reserved for a woman candidate after her opponent, Sadiya Yarow Adan, dropped out of the race.

There are still five seats left to be filled.

The Speaker of the HirShabelle Parliament has announced that there will be another meeting session to select candidates for the three seats that he said will be announced later.

Hirshabelle is the last Federal Member State to begin elections for its Upper House.


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