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Two doctors from Somaliland turned away from Mogadishu airport

Thursday July 15, 2021

Dr Edna Adan Ismail (C) is the director and founder of the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Hargeisa

Mogadishu (HOL) - Two Somaliland medical workers transiting through Mogadishu airport on their way to Kenya were temporarily detained before being deported to Hargeisa on Wednesday.

According to sources, the medics - who worked at Dr. Edna Adan Ismail's Maternity Hospital in Harigesa -  were held in Mogadishu for three days before being released. They added that the authorities in Mogadishu destroyed their Somaliland passports.

Edna confirmed the arrest saying that one of the men was a trainee doctor. and that he had a valid Kenyan visa in

"He is a trainee medical worker. He was travelling with a valid Somaliland passport with a valid Kenyan-issued visa".

Dr. Edna Adan denounced the incident as illegal.

"If Somalia knew the law, these transgressors would not have taken their passports or torn them, they would not have been held hostage for three days," she said.

The doctors will travel to Kenya again with their passports renewed but are expected to pass through Addis Ababa.


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