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Somalis want a winner takes all electoral system- Parliamentary Report

Wednesday November 27, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Winner takes all election system as used in Somaliland is the most viable electoral model for parliamentary and civil elections in Somalia, a parliamentary report has recommended.

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The proposal captured in the Parliamentary ad-hoc committee on elections report presented to the House Wednesday is based on public consultations by the committee over the last the last three months.

The committee said Somalis had rejected the Proportional Representation Closed List proposed by the Cabinet on grounds it would interfere with the 4.5 clan based distribution of power.

“They pointed out that this process could lead to the loss of power sharing that the Somali people have agreed on, and pointed out that it is difficult to hold one-to-one elections at this time,” the report said.

The Bill approved by the council of ministers in May had proposed the PR system with the Closed-List option whereby voters cast their votes for the party and would have no power to directly elect their representatives.

Based on the views collected, the committee said, it unanimously agreed the First-Past-the Post (FTPP) was the most appropriate electoral model.

Noting that the model covers for limitations of the PR system, the committee added the option would eliminate the likelihood of extremist groups finding way into the elective positions since voters choose candidates they know.

The report also called for review of certain sections of the Elections Bill to align it with the Provisional Constitution.

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