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Kenya: Somalis Protest Against Robberies in Nairobi's Eastleigh District
Garowe Online
Thursday, May 10, 2012 
The Somali community in Kenya's majority Somali neighborhood Eastleigh in Nairobi protested after an increase in robbery of Somali businesses, Radio Garowe reports.
The protests began after business owners in Nairobi's busy Eastleigh neighborhood were repeatedly targeted by gangs in Nairobi. On Tuesday night armed gunmen looted up to seven shops stealing shop owners savings.
Business owners and residents say that authorities have done nothing to prevent the robbers from operating. "Many business owners have been targeted just last night one shop owner lost 10,000 USD after his shop was broken into," said Mohamed Abdi who owns a tore in Eastleigh.
Shop owners angry at the lack of arrests showed their discontent for the continuing increase in robberies and the authorities inactiveness. One shop owner said authorities failed to show up after close to 5,000 USD were stolen from her shop.
Business owners in Eastleigh are known for their low prices and have attracted many consumers looking for a low bargain.
According to Nairobi sources, the Nairobi municipal council collects a great chunk of its revenue from business owners in Eastleigh who are predominantly from Somalia. But residents of the district are upset with the lack of security and basic necessities that are not provided for residents of Eastleigh.
Nairobi's Eastleigh is considered "little Somalia" and is home to hundreds of thousands of Somalis, many of whom own businesses there.


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