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Head of Al-Islah Meets with the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

"The head of Al-Islah (Muslim Brotherhood Somalia) Dr. Ali Basha praying with the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Dr. Muhammad Badie."
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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Cairo, Egypt (HOL) – The official website of the Muslim Brotherhood reported that the Murshid, (The Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhoo) Dr. Muhammad Badie met with Dr. Ali Basha Umar the head of Al-Islah, the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Somalia.

The leader of the Somali Islamic movement congratulated the Murshid in the recent victory of Dr. Mursi as the President of Egypt. The Murshid in his turn praised Dr. Ali Basha for the great work he and his Al-Islah friends are carrying out in Somalia amidst difficult times. 

Al-Islah is a thirty four year old non-violent organisation in Somalia and it is known to have played a major role in providing educational as well as health services to poor Somalis.

From the Egyptian side, the meeting was attended by the Mr. Juma Amin, Dr. Rashad Bayoumi and Dr. Mohamed Izzat while Dr. Ali Basha was accompanied by Dr. Ali Sheikh Mohamed Abubakar the former leader of Al-Islah and the President of Mogadishu University and Sheikh Ibrahim Shariif a mermber of Shura Council of Al-Islah.

This meeting comes after Al-Islah seemed to have experienced some turbulence in its leadership when Sh. Mohamed Garyare, a former leader of Al-Islah (1978-1990) recently said that he dismissed Dr. Ali Basha as the head of the organisation.

Dr. Ali Basha in response informed the media that he was shocked to hear such announcement from Sh. Garyare and added that the above eighty year old Sheikh has not been an active member for over 22 years. Sh. Garyare has been living in Canda since 1990. 

Sources close to Al-islah say that it was unfortunate for Sh. Garyare to speak out of order like that; as he has no current official position within the movement. A different sources close to Sh. Garyare who is currently in Cairo say that the Sheikh failed to secure a meeting with the Murshid.

This meeting between the Murshid and Dr. Ali Basha appears to have put to bed what seemed like a leadership crisis in Al-Islah.


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