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Reinstate Maryam Qassim’s position of Minister of Humanitarian& National Disaster

Asha-Kin Duale
Monday December 4, 2017

Historically, Somali women have clean records on embezzlement or squandering of public funds, crimes of treason, espionage or negotiating with foreign entities for the fragmentation and selling the resources of our beloved country.

No Somali woman ever became a war-lady, a pirate or has facilitated the entry of hostile elements in our country.

To my recollection there have been three suicide cases involving Somali women in contrast of each case involving men. On the contrary, they are the victims of any battleground and exploitation in every corner of Somalia. 

Somali women are the backbone of the economy, social and political fabric of the Somali society both inside and outside the country. My statement is not baseless or absurd, as many of you would agree that they are the unsung heroin of Somalia! 

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Said that the scope of my article is not to glorify Maryam Qassim who has recently resigned from the Minister of Humanitarian & National Disaster. It hopes to convey the message that when one deserves credit it should be given to her/him. 

In her short clip that went viral, Maryam explained why she was resigning; she stated that she ‘knows how to work in an institution but not’ in what she called ‘is-bar-bar yac’which in plain Englishmeans ‘dis-joined working relationship’. This signals grave ramifications on overallplanning and implementation of government’s policies and inter-ministerial work relationships.

Although I have not heard from both sides, to be fair and cautious, I based my arguments on Maryam’s achievementrecords of her previously held ministerial positions in which she demonstrated good governance and outstanding performances.

In this context, Maryam has been bold and brave enough to stand against what she perceived as an interference and pressure to her mandate as Minister.  She simply refused to be silenced and opted to give up her position because shetook this position not for gaining a higher ‘status’ of Minister or for making quick cash. She is an extraordinary sample of resilience and many would agree with me that she earned her living through hard working. 

Just like Yusur Abrar, Maryan stood against theparallel powers that would erode her mandate.

Reinstating Maryam Qassim’s position as Minister of Humanitarian& National Disasters is the ultimate moral option for the current administration in order to recover the declining trust. This ought to be done by straightening all theexisting or/andperceived obstacles for smooth transactions of ‘governmental’ business. The current status quo is not helping the majority’s feeling, including myself that ‘a bad government is better than no government’.

If the qualities we allare seeking to find in a leader are integrity, hardworking and devotion to Somalinimo,then there is nothing that will stop Maryam to be reinstated in her former position. The alternative is an empty rhetoric and/or misplaced political, gender and clan priorities

Asha-Kin Duale
Human Rights Lawyer
[email protected]

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