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Somali soldiers killed in landmine explosion southwest country

Wednesday June 5, 2024


At least three soldiers from the Somali National Army were killed and others were injured on Tuesday, as a result of a remote-controlled landmine explosion at the main checkpoint in Silberd town, in Bakool region, southwestern Somalia.

Somali "Al-Shabaab" movement claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred on Tuesday, noting that its members killed three Somali army soldiers and wounded others in the attack.

The local authorities and the National Army leadership have not immediately provided any details regarding the explosion.

This attack indicates the level of security challenges faced by the Somali government and its security forces, as part of their efforts to combat terrorism practiced by armed groups in Somalia, most notably ISIS and Al-Shabaab.

It is noteworthy that "Al-Shabaab" movement is responsible for a number of attacks against civilians and security forces in the country, with the aim of destabilizing and spreading extremism.

The Somali government, with the support of international partners, is working to strengthen its security forces and improve their capabilities to confront the threat posed by Al-Shabaab movement.


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