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Jubbaland leaders arrive in Luuq to mediate deadly clan conflict

Wednesday July 10, 2024

Jubbaland leaders, led by Deputy President Mahamud Sayid Aden, arrive in Luuq, Gedo region, to address and mediate a recent deadly clan conflict. The delegation was warmly welcomed by local officials and community members as part of efforts to promote peace and reconciliation.

Kismayo (HOL) —  A delegation led by Jubbaland's Deputy President Mahamud Sayid Aden arrived today in Luuq, Gedo region, aiming to mediate a recent deadly clan conflict that has resulted in around 30 deaths and numerous injuries. The delegation, including ministers and MPs from Jubbaland, was welcomed by the district administration and community members.

The three-day conflict between two local clans led to significant casualties and widespread property destruction. Jubbaland authorities have warned instigators of strict consequences.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre called for an immediate end to the fighting, emphasizing the need for dialogue and reconciliation to achieve peace and development. He instructed the Armed Forces to prevent further violence, highlighting the risk of exploitation by al-Shabab.

Jubbaland's regional leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe, also urged an end to hostilities, warning soldiers against participating in the conflict and threatening severe repercussions for those involved.

The federal government said that it's prepared to take urgent measures to prevent further violence, with the Ministry of Interior tasked with expediting a national reconciliation plan to address the causes of instability in Luuq.


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