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Two Daesh/ISIS militants surrender to Puntland forces in Bari region

Monday July 8, 2024

Garowe (HOL) - Two members of the Daesh/ISIS terrorist group surrendered to Puntland security forces in the Balidhidhin area of the Bari region on Sunday.

The two militants, who were carrying their weapons and military uniforms, said in a brief interview that they had been trained to fight against al-Shabab over the years they belonged to the group.

During the interview, the unnamed militants highlighted that they had tried several times to escape from Daesh but were waiting for the appropriate time to surrender to Puntland forces.

“We have been on the road for three months, and we are happy with how Puntland forces welcomed us and promised to work with them,” they stated.

Daesh and al-Shabab have been fighting for control of the Bari region over the past years, with numerous battles taking place in the Al Miskaad mountains. In April, ISIS claimed to have killed 50 al-Shabab members in a battle in the Al Miskaad mountains, stating that they seized more land from al-Shabab.

Daesh/ISIS, known to be active in Somalia’s mountainous Bari region, has claimed responsibility for several attacks in the Horn of Africa nation.


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