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Hormuud Telecom's CEO wins top honour at Africa Tech Awards

Friday November 17, 2023


Cape Town (HOL) - In a significant recognition of leadership and innovation in African technology,  Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf, widely known as Ahmed Saudi, Chairman of Somalia's Hormuud Telecommunications Company, was honoured with the CXO of the Year award at the Africa Tech Festival Awards 2023. The prestigious ceremony, held at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town, celebrated the most innovative and impactful contributors to African technology.

James Williams, Senior Event Director at Informa Tech, underscored the significance of this year's awards: “This year, more than ever, the standard of innovation and commitment to improving the lives of Africans and building an inclusive ecosystem for sovereign and cross-continental sustainability, has been impressive.”

Williams further highlighted the broader impact of the awards, noting, “These awards showcase the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit that defines Africa’s tech ecosystem and the excellence and acumen of the individuals and organizations driving digital disruption. Congratulations to all our winners, the nominees, and to everyone involved.”

Since becoming CEO, Yusuf has been pivotal in transforming Hormuud Telecom into a technological leader in Somalia. Under his direction, the company has introduced groundbreaking advancements, including the launch of Somalia's first fibre optic cable, 4G technology, and the pioneering of mobile money services through EVC Plus and the Waafi app. These innovations have not only revolutionized telecommunications in Somalia but also paved the way for the country's transition to a predominantly cashless society.

Ahmed 'Saudi' Yusuf, expressing his gratitude and vision, remarked, "I am excited and privileged to receive this award. We need to keep working hard and show the country what we are capable of. I thank my team for this recognition. The future of Somalia is technology."

The CXO of the Year category is a testament to Yusuf's leadership in driving communication and technology development across Africa. His achievements extend beyond business success, reflecting a deep commitment to societal impact. Hormuud Telecom, under Yusuf's leadership, has been instrumental in various humanitarian initiatives, demonstrating a balance between commercial success and social responsibility.

In a recent landmark initiative, Hormuud Telecom launched a humanitarian portal to aid cash distribution in rural Somalia. This platform addresses the significant challenges of delivering aid in conflict-affected areas, ensuring that relief reaches those in dire need efficiently and securely. This effort, powered by the company's popular EVC Plus platform, underscores Hormuud's role in leveraging technology for humanitarian causes.

The Africa Tech Festival 2023, encompassing AfricaCom, AfricaTech, and AfricaIgnite, is the continent's most extensive tech and digital connectivity conference. The festival explores crucial themes such as digital infrastructure, sustainability, fintech, and the future of work in Africa. The festival also includes the exclusive LeadersIn Africa Summit, providing a stage for high-level discussions among Africa's tech leaders.

Yusuf's accolade at the Africa Tech Festival Awards marks a notable achievement for him and Somalia's burgeoning technology sector. His visionary leadership and Hormuud Telecom's commitment to innovation and social responsibility highlight the transformative power of technology in Africa. This award signifies a growing recognition of African leaders who are advancing technology and driving positive societal change.


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