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Laftagareen: Mastermind behind Baidoa attack on regional justice minister arrested

Tuesday August 2, 2022

Baidoa (HOL) - President of Southwest regional state, Abdiaziz Mohamed Laftagareen, said that security forces had captured one of the masterminds behind the suicide attack that killed the state’s Minister of Justice in Baidoa on Friday.

In an interview with BBC Somali on Monday, Laftagareen said he had high hopes that other Al-Shabaab militants responsible for the attack would be arrested or killed.

The Southwest President expressed concern about the increasing frequency of explosions in his region.

“Al Shabaab’s explosions in Southwest state were intended to divert the state’s attention from intensifying security operations against the militants,” he said, adding that the administration is currently working on a strategy to deal with the attacks.

Southwest regional state Minister of Justice Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Lugbuur and his son were killed in a suicide bombing in Baidoa on Friday shortly after they left a mosque.

At least 11 other people, including another son of the late minister, were seriously injured in the attack, according to the local officials.


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