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Business magnate Abdi Hosh Ashkir dies in Mogadishu

Friday January 22, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Former military man and business magnate Abdi Hosh Askir who made a name in the 1970s through marine resources exports and real estate has died.

Ashkir died in Mogadishu Friday. The circumstances surrounding his death were not immediately clear.

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Ashkir started fish export and real estate business in 1970s and gradually rose to be one of the most established businessmen in Somalia. But his love for business began way earlier.

According to an earlier interview, Ashkir moved to Mogadishu at the age of six from his home in Abudwaq district in Galgadud region. He would venture into banana and bread business at young age.

He later changed course and joined the Somali National Army where he served for 22 years.

He was among the Russian-trained soldiers when Somalia enjoyed close relations with the communist regime.

After exiting the military, Ashkir went to Saudi Arabia where he returned to business before relocating to Mogadishu to continue his business until his death.


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