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Madobe strikes deal with opposition leaders, to form inclusive government

Thursday April 23, 2020

NAIROBI (HOL) - Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe has struck a deal with opposition leaders in the state that would see the two sides form an inclusive government ending months of tussles following the controversial election of Madobe last August.  

A communique from the three leaders following a series of talks in Kenya’s capital Nairobi noted the two sides had agreed to bury the hatchet and cooperate in running the affairs of the southerly state.

The opposition factions led by Abdirizak Hidig, Abdinasir Serar and Dahir Ahmed Sheikh had bitterly contested the election of Madobe accusing him of having a heavy hand in the selection of MPs who subsequently voted him.

But in the communique Thursday, the three leaders appeared to have ended their fights with Madobe. The agreement centred on three main areas.

The two sides agreed that the opposition will duly affirm and accept the election of Madobe as President of Jubbaland, the communique said and in return, Madobe will not seek a third term.

Madobe will form an inclusive government bringing in the opposition, the communique added in what might give Madobe a safer ride in running the southern state.

The Federal Government has maintained its stance arguing it will not recognize Madobe’s election.

Thirdly the four leaders said they will spearhead reconciliation meetings in Jubbaland and that the opposition will support the Jubbaland government in the liberation of towns under Al-Shabaab especially the designated capital of Jubbaland-Buale.

The deal which the leaders said began in Kismayo and proceeded to Nairobi also calls for the blessings of the international community.


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