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Hiiraan governor slams President Deni for divisive comments

Tuesday April 21, 2020

FILE - Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman

Mogadishu (HOL) - The newly minted governor of Hiiraan, Ali Jeyte Osman has expressed his disappointment in the recent remarks made by the Puntland President Said Deni about sharing food resources during the COVID pandemic.

In a recorded video statement under a banner that read 'Stay Home', President Deni said that the food inside Puntland should be consumed in Puntland. He asked businessmen to follow this directive. He added that as the President of Puntland, he is mainly responsible for the residents of Puntland.

Said Deni has also issued a restriction on vehicles travelling to different towns in Puntland and a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

The Hiiraan governor said the President's statement is harmful to business relations between the two regions and added that Hiiraan is ready to levy heavy tariffs in retaliation if Deni doesn't backtrack on his reckless speech.

" As a region, we (Hiiraan) send fruits, vegetables, livestock, and butter to Puntland. If Deni doesn't retract his divisive comments, we will be forced to switch ports and begin doubling the tariffs on our exports. If necessary, we will tax 5$ for every watermelon that leaves here."

Although Hiiraan exports food to Puntland, the region is also dependent on goods imported from the port of Bosaso.

The governor underscored that the Somali people need each other in times like these. He noted that the COVID virus has not led to food shortages and although business might have slowed globally, there is still trade.


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