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FGS-Jubbaland row escalates as Interior Ministry announces new elections

Hiiraan Online
Monday October 7, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The Federal Government could be headed for yet another collision course with Jubbaland administration after it announced Sunday new parliamentary and presidential elections in the southern state.

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The Ministry of Interior announced what it termed as new guidelines of the election of MPs and president but did not indicate when the exercise will be conducted. It said the elections in August which saw Ahmed Madobe retain his seat as Jubbaland president were ‘illegal’

“The election of the second president and parliament in August are in contravention of the guidelines of the Ministry of Interior,” the statement read in part.

The Federal Government said only elders under the Ministry of Interior register will be allowed to participate in the elections.

The announcement is however likely to generate more rift between Mogadishu and Kismayu. Preparations for inauguration of Madobe are underway in Kismayu and a number of politicians have already made way into the coastal city.

The date has however not been made public. The exercise was postponed September 26 following travel restrictions by the Federal Government to Kismayu.

Madobe was elected August 22 after a lengthy push and pull between the state electoral commission, the federal government and the UN office in Mogadishu.

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