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Police Commissioner's Death created tension in Beled Weyn

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday June 11, 2019

BELED WEYNE (HOL) - Hiraan region police Commissioner has been killed and his deputy was reportedly injured following gun battle in the outskirts of Beledweyne on Tuesday.

Slain police Commissioner, Major Mohamed Maow Halane was killed at Kalabeyr locality near Beledweyne town after Somali police forces clashed with militias  loyal to the former Hiraan governor, Yussuf Ahmed Hagar (Dabageed)

Hirshabelle president Mohamed Abdi Ware replaced Mr. Dabageed  with Ali Mohamed Arale as the new governor of Hiiraan. Speaking to the reporters in Beled Weyn, Mr Hagar refused to accept the decision of Hirshabelle president. "I became the governor of Hiiraan region with the blessing of the  Federal Government of Somalia and will stay in power and there is no reason to stepdown at the moment" Said Mr. Dabageed 

The death of the police commissioner created a tension in Beled Weyn as the relatives of deceased demand the arrest of Mr. Dabageed and brought him to justice.

High delegation from the Somali government is expected to arrive tomorrow to help resolve the problem.

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