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Saudi King Salman has ordered to give Rohingya Muslims free Citizenship.

Monday June 10, 2019

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Saudi King announced free citizenships for the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, the Government of Saudi Arabia will give free Iqamas without any fees under the sponsorship of government.

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The King announced Iqamas for 1 Million Burmese, we should salute king Salman for this kind move towards the Rohingya Muslims. There is an ongoing crisis between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhist communities.

"We are aware of the ongoing genocide in Burma on Muslims from last 70 years like Palestine. The photos always stay viral on social media regarding the migration of Muslims in Burma and no country was willing to give them space in their country as many countries are also in fear that like Israel the Muslims of Rohingya will also occupy their own land and later claim to be theirs, but there is a severe difference between the faith and loyalty of a Muslim and Jew."

The Rohingya is situated near Bangladesh, the Burmese Muslims run to its neighbor Bangladesh but Bangladesh is not allowing Muslims to give shelter on its soil, however, King Salman announced 1Milliom Iqamas for the Rohingya Muslims.

Many Rohingya Muslims is still loving on the sand of Saudi Arabia from the last 70 years, 1 Million Iqamas Is now a better way for the shelter of Burmese Muslims in Saudi Arabia and 1 Million Iqamas are also great numbers.

Iqmas are basically a type of an identity card for the citizen of Saudi Arabia or to stay in Saudi Arabia one needs

The Sheikh of the Burmese community living in Saudi Arabia praised the decision of King Salman in aiding the Rohingya Muslims people to get settled in Kingdon of Saudi Arabia.

While we get to know from our sources that Free Education will also be available in Saudi Arabia for the Muslims of Rohingya.

Iqamas will now facilitate them to enjoy access to health and public services like any other citizen of Saudi Arabia.

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