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Demonstrators take to the streets in Mogadishu after death of bajaj driver

Hiiraan Online
Saturday April 13, 2019

Mogadishu (HOL) - Hundreds of demonstrators descended on Mogadishu streets on Saturday to protest the shooting death of an auto rickshaw (bajaj) driver and his passenger by a policeman.

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According to residents, the shooting happened at Bakara intersection. The bajaj driver was ferrying a client when the policeman opened fire, killing two of the vehicle's occupants. The officer allegedly fled the scene immediately after the shooting.

As news of the killing spread, hundreds of angry youth took to the streets to demand justice.

The youths said that they were tired of being the target of suspicion and aggression by trigger-happy police officers and soldiers. Security officials rarely face justice when they kill unarmed civilians.

Police tried to contain the protestors by firing live ammunition in the air.

There are reports that journalists covering the protests have been arrested by security officials.

In a bid to quell tensions, the Mayor of Mogadishu appeared with the police chief to calm demonstrators in the street.

Mayor Abdirahman Osman condemned the killing and said the policeman involved in the shooting is being sought.

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