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Villa Somalia
Tuesday July 11, 2017

Somalia: Leaders agree to form new National Security Council. Image: Villa Somalia/President Farmajo

1.  The National Security Council met in Mogadishu between 5th  – 10th  July 2017.

2.   The meeting was chaired by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, MohamedAbdullahi Farmajo and attended by Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre, Deputy Prime Minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled, Regional State Presidents: Puntland Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas, Jubbaland Ahmed Mohamed Islam, South West Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, Galmudug Ahmed Duale Gelle, Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Osoble, Benadir Regional Administration and the Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Abdi Mohamed and the Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Interior federal affairs  and reconciliation, Defense, Internal Security, Army commanders and the National Security Advisor.

3.  The National Security Council has praised the good work done by the central government on security issue particularly stabilization of the capital, and strengthening political relations between the central government and regional states.

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4.  After the council assessed the security situation in the country, they agreed to strengthen the fight against Al-Shabaab and anyone who supports financially, protection or spreading their ideology.

5.  The council, reviewed the security deal reached on 16-17 April 2017, observed the recommendations presented by the parliament committees on defense and Security Councils, respected the different views of the public, those recommendations have been added  to the National Security Plan.

6.  The Council, also agreed on the establishment of a technical committee working on the completion of the National Security Framework, including the structure of security agencies, police, NISA and custodial corps. The committee will come from Federal Government, Regional States and Benadir region.

7.  The council recognizes the need of political unity on the development of federal system,constitutional review and the one person one vote election in the 2020, they agreed establishing constant consultation mechanism on the above issues with a quarterly meeting.

8.  The council, agreed that the law establishing the National Security Council to be present to the Parliament in accordance with the Article 111, Paragraph (h) of the provisional constitution.

9.  The council, has adopted the code of conduct of the National Security meetings and the Implementation Plan.

10.  Finally, the National Security Council meeting will take place once in every three months.

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