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Oromia, Somail states of Ethiopia agrees to peacefully solve border disputes

Wednesday April 19, 2017

The Oromia and Somali states of Ethiopia today sign a “historic “agreement to peacefully solve disputes arise among communities of the two states and enforce the referendum made over 400 plus kebeles in 2005.

State Chief from Ethiopian Somali Abdi Mohammed and Oromia State Chief Lemma Megerssa signed an agreement to made administrative decision on the 147 Kebeles found between the two states.

The two states have agreed to bring the insurgents who engage in pitting people of Oromia against Somali and vowed to solve any dispute that may arise in these areas in discussion.

Federal and Pastoral Affairs Minister Kassa Teklebirhan who presided over the signing ceremony said that the agreement will give lasting solution for disputes. He also said that the government has made effort since 2013 to resolve the dispute by establishing an overseeing committee.

After signing the agreement, Oromia state chief Lemma Megersa said that the deal is “a big victory.”

He said that dispute would have been resolved eight or ten years ago before it bring a damaged to human life.  The dispute has brought a greater loss to the people of two states which for long mixed and live in tolerance, he said.

He stressed that they would not let such incidents happen again.

Somali State Chief Abdi Mohammed also alluded on what Lemma said.

He said that there shall not be a conflict among the two friendly peoples.

He also expressed his happiness that the deal will help end the conflict that claim the life many peoples.

Abdi said that they will work hard to help two people benefit from peace and development in these areas.

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